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Over forty years experience bridging the proverbial gap between Biblical theory and successful practice…

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Ron Kirk, ordained minister of the Gospel since 1984, offers over forty years experience in historic, applied-Biblical-faith Christian education. This is broad and deep education toward mastery of subjects, real skills, and Biblical wisdom.

Ron founded schools, developed curriculum, trained teachers and taught the school subjects in all grades. His peers and those he has served endorse him. Eighteen local, national and international Christian leaders endorsed Ron’s book Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God blessed.

Ron contributed to missionaries Jay and Vicki Dangers work in Uganda, serving desperate orphans’ restoration to Christ, understanding of Christian home, and the skills, accomplishment and wisdom to become the leaders of their country. A Ugandan student of Ron’s work Godfrey Kyazze is creating a home school movement in his country and attaining official sanction for home schooling.

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