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The Get Wisdom! Curriculum Store

The beginning of the complete Get Wisdom! Curriculum, including worldview training, school and classroom principles and methods, and the strategic life subjects we call school subjects

Purchase the Get Wisdom! eBooks–worldview training, teacher training, and curriculum here. Every eBook is downloadable as a zip file, each containing Mobi (Kindle), Epub, and PDF files. Simply unzip and choose the file type you wish to use in your favorite eReader.

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Alternatively purchase Kindle versions of all the Get Wisdom! Education Program Series titles, including Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People, School and Classroom Principles and Methods, and the Get Wisdom! McGuffey’s Eclectic eReaders and Classroom Lessons for Teachers.

Also, search on Kirk Get Wisdom! at your favorite eBook website outlet, such as Barnes & Noble. There are many others worldwide…

Basic Training

Literacy — Phonics, Spelling and Reading

The Rest Under Construction. See you soon!…

Grammar — Coming Soon

Mathematics — Coming Soon

Literature — Coming

History — Coming

Musicianship and Composition —Coming

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