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Ron’s Experience and Driving Philosophy

Ron Kirk’s experience includes developing custom curriculum and classroom teaching of the school subjects in every grade from kindergarten to adult, with startling results regardless of native gifting or educational experience. Challenged young people overcome toward remarkable accomplishment. Children and adults with poor education experiences likewise overcome their challenges, even dyslexia. Ready students soared beyond ordinary expectations, often advancing several years over their peers.

Psychology — Biblical or Evolutionary?

Modern psychology is a false and competing religion. Early in America’s history, Christians, starting with the Pilgrims, learned how to think Biblically. Ron Kirk’s work builds on that tradition, replacing mainstream atheistic, deterministic, behavioral psychology with a Biblical psychology — science of the soul. In this, every person receives the image of God–meaning inherent value, purpose and calling. Yet we are fallen and in need of redemption. God gives the educational process to prepare the mind, heart and body for a productive, redeemed life in Christ.

Purpose in Knowledge and Learning

Recognizing the real help of God, Ron carefully ordered content — from basics upward — and directed practice by faith represent the basic learning principle. Not performance, but faith mark the process. Effort by faith results in God bringing accomplishment. The farmer cannot make his crop grow, but the Lord brings the increase of fruit.

Paul the Apostle declared that Christians must take every thought captive to Christ, and whether eating or drinking or whatever we do, we must do all to the glory of God. Jesus prayed His Father’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He said seek first His kingdom. It is about time education once again prepares responsible Christian leaders, ready to contribute to the culture that supports the Gospel work, extending its influence — salt and light — in every sphere of life and living.

We ought to be ready with a practical answer and real contribution for the hope of Christ in us in everything we do. Lack of justice is a common Biblical complaint of God against His people. The prophets declared justice, mercy and walking humbly with God as our standard. Justice requires Christian stewardship of the civil order. All things of man belong to God and properly serve Him. Christian education must expand its vision of personal responsibility by faith, trusting God for the increase.

A godly educational system first identifies the Biblical goal for mature Christian man or woman. Then it identifies the Biblical purpose of life’s subjects toward mastery. Finally, it identifies Biblical methods. This is exactly Ron Kirk’s life-long conviction toward bridging the proverbial gap between Biblical theory and practice — education that forms a godly product in all its facets.

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