Basic Training Curriculum

The Get Wisdom! Biblical Education Program offers a complete Biblical Education for Faith, Character, Wisdom, Excellence, Accomplishment, first via training in the historic Biblical faith, thinking, wisdom and skill that built early America and led to the world’s first self-governing republic based in Biblical Christian thought and living.

Get Wisdom! offers a Biblical method for taking all of life’s concerns captive to the obedience of Christ. Ron Kirk’s book provides the rigorous theoretical and practical foundation needed to make Christian education, every vocation, and all life’s activities thoroughly Biblical. Get Wisdom! leaves no gap between theory and practice, except what faith requires.

America built on an eighth-grade education. It addressed real skills for prosperity and the maintenance of society with justice, liberty, and generosity. School and Classroom Principles and Methods reapplies this powerful Biblical view of the child in relationship to God, his family, and the world, recreating, refining, and extending America’s once outstanding system of education.

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