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Even with all the success from the Lord we have enjoyed, this work has far too few people benefitting from it.

I do not want to have a lifetime of work lost to the future.

Thanks to benefactor Rob Monster — tech enterpriser and philanthropist — I had a kick-start to edit, refine and publish our effective, thoroughly Christian curriculum. I now continue to make this life- and culture-changing Kingdom of Christ work broadly available in eminently useful form to professional and home educators, and to anyone who desires to make their life a strategic contribution…

To support further the editing and publication of our historic curriculum, we are now publishing eBook versions at modest cost to first world countries through this website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major eBook outlets.

We also intend to make the materials available without charge to the underserved and oppressed parts of the world. Contact us with a description of your request and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Much work remains to polish and publish. I hope, one, that you will enjoy and make good use of the materials we now offer, and, two, you will let us hear from you how well it serves.

Our offerings

Welcome to the Get Wisdom! Education Program™ — Free

Welcome introduces the entire Get Wisdom! Education Program™, while serving as a hub for exploring our offerings.

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Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People

Our seminal course of study identifying the qualities of the mature Christian and providing the educational tools toward becoming a mature and accomplished Christian, and so training others.

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Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed

The published book Thy Will Be Done introduces, in an accessible and engaging way, the thinking of Get Wisdom! applied to every sphere of life and living from the personal, to the family, to business, education, civil government, and even rest and recreation! See the Thy Will Be Done book page, or buy the book now at Nordskog Publishing.

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Teacher Training — Get Wisdom! School and Classroom Principles and Methods

Building upon the tools provided by Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People for thinking Biblically about every subject, School and Classroom Principles and Methods despite the mundane title — offers exciting and effective training in school and classroom practices, with historic results we brag about a bit on our Promise — Imagine page. This is for every teacher — from novice to veteran.

Building upon our two basic training books, we offer further Teacher Guides, Curricula, and References for specific school subjects — the strategic life subjects.

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Teacher Guides and Curriculum Content

Several decades of unique classroom-tested curriculum content for every school subject and grades awaits publication. We will polish and publish according to the availability of supporting resources and demand.

Literacy Curriculum

We have published our Get Wisdom! Literacy Complete Curriculum including the McGuffey’s eReaders and Classroom Lessons, and free supplemental materials.

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The Rest of the Curriculum

In the meantime, we will share what our rough but proven, working classroom curricula on request as we are able, or by contract.

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Published Articles

We offer at no cost significant, published articles on Family, Education, Society, Economy, Relational Government, the Bible and Christian Life.

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Get Wisdom! Training Manual

Family and School Education Services

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