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Family, School, Vocation, Business and Christian Action Education Services

Ron Kirk offers tutoring, Biblical family remediation counseling, classroom- and home-teacher training, and curriculum development and school-building consultation.

Our worldview consultation services provide a solid Biblical framework for applying the faith of Jesus Christ to every area of life.

We offer custom seminars training courses, and consultation for a variety of applications—home coaching, tutoring, education, business, and Christian action.

Fee- and expenses-based seminars, tutorials and consultation

Learn to think Biblically in any subject…

  • Bridge the Proverbial Gap between Biblical Theory and Practice
  • Personal Tutoring, Remedial Intervention, and Biblical Counseling for Children and Adults
  • Biblical Management and Relational Principles
  • Applied Christian Worldview, Leadership and Civil Action—Character, Wisdom and Skills
  • Principles of Christian Liberty and Civil Government for the US, the Nations and American Immigrants
  • Biblical Church Government

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Teacher Training

  • Theory and Practical Training for Professional and Home School Educators—Elementary, Advanced and Adult Take authority over any Curriculum or Subject
  • Learn and Teach any Subject Biblically
  • Develop and Organize any Subject for Student Mastery
  • Learn to Research, Reason, Relate and Record — the Historic Notebook Method for Teachers and Students
  • Effectively Teach Students of Diverse Ages or Abilities in a Single Classroom — the Historic Secret of the One-Room School House

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Sample Christian education seminar titles include:

  • Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes from Ordinary People — Introduction and Advanced Courses
  • Teacher Training in Every School Subject and Grade
  • How to Build and Administer a Biblical Christian School on a Relational (non-institutional) Model with Excellent Results
  • Christian Character Training for Parents and Teachers
  • Science of the Soul: A Biblical Replacement for Modern Psychology
  • Effective Mathematics — Elementary and Advanced
  • Effective Reading and Writing — Elementary and Advanced
  • Literature for God’s Glory and the Kingdom of Christ — Elementary and Advanced
  • Recovering from a Poor Education
  • The Road to Excellence

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Sample leadership seminar titles include:

  • Free Enterprise and the Gospel
  • Christian Principles for Economy and Wealth
  • America’s Christian Liberty: Principles and Institutions to Support the Gospel
  • Lessons from Christian History — the Providence of God
  • Christian Character Training
  • Biblical Authority in the Home, Church, Business and Civil Government
  • Render to Caesar; Render to God — The Christian and Political Action
  • Taking Every Thought Captive to the Obedience of Christ
  • Christian Manhood and Womanhood
  • Genesis: Husbands, Wives and “Why is Life so Hard?”

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Educational Consultation and Resources to the home and school:

  • Home and Professional Teacher Training
  • Family Coaching and Remedial Education
  • Curriculum for the School Subjects from Kindergarten through High School and beyond

Time-tested, Biblical, educational principles produce the best results, even where past efforts have failed

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