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Biblical Education for Faith, Character, Wisdom, Excellence, Accomplishment

Has God called all Christians as heroes in the faith?

The Bible tells us the Christian life is an adventure in faith with blessings resulting.

Get Wisdom! offers a historic, comprehensive view of Christian life as it ought to be, accompanied by a purposeful, explicitly crafted and proven educational system for individuals and families—young children through adult. This includes effective regular and remedial education, developed over decades of classroom, family, and life experience.

The more we align our hearts and minds with Christ, the more powerful our lives for the Gospel and the better life becomes for all. Get Wisdom! offers the tools for specific repentance and training in every life subject and purpose. The key is an accessible historic approach to Biblical scholarship and its application as a way of life.

Get Wisdom! teaches how to think Biblically in exercising all the Christian responsibilities of life, including civil stewardship, liberty and justice, family, vocations, church, etc.

Thinking Biblically, taking every thought captive to Christ, does three things: 1) It multiplies the power of evangelism with a better answer for our hope. 2) It provides the community and economic foundations for the Gospel work. 3) Its fruit includes a down-payment on eternity—the temporal demonstration of Christ’s goodness, His will done on earth as it is in heaven by faith.

Herein lies the adventure of the Christian life and its ordinary Christian heroism—a life of faith for all.

Imagine powerful, purposeful Christian education…

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