The Early, Christian McGuffey’s Readers

Here is a snippet from the soon to be published Get Wisdom! Literacy Complete Course for school and home school teachers:

The first McGuffey’s Reader‘s from the 1830s, as published by Mott Media, and now soon to be published here as eBooks by the Get Wisdom! program represent a high expression of the principles which we believe form a sound reading curriculum. McGuffey learned and lived in the era of American history, when Christian principles largely governed education and scholarship. Though seemingly quaint and sometimes strange, the McGuffey’s Readers deal with the sometimes-harsh realities of human life, but in a form appropriate to young people. Keeping young people from learning such realities ill prepares them for real life. Young people today tend to be far too insulated from the rigors of life, and so never realize the need to learn how to deal with them. Rather they ought to learn entirely to trust Jesus Christ, depending upon Him for their help. College aged and other young adults who need safe rooms or drugs to cope with relatively light afflictions, possibly imaginary, such as facing an opposing opinion, is an eye-opening witness to this problem. The McGuffey’s Readers offer a sound aid to a child’s moral education, while teaching him to read.