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School and Classroom Principles and Methods

The eBook version of our effective classroom teacher training course, expanded and updated


America built on an eighth-grade education. It addressed real skills for prosperity and the maintenance of society with justice, liberty, and generosity. School and Classroom Principles and Methods reapplies the powerful Biblical view of the child in relationship to God, his family, and the world, recreating, refining, and extending America’s once outstanding system of education. 

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Here is the second critical training course of the Get Wisdom! Education Program™, building upon the proven, rigorous, holy, and practical Biblical worldview and education training of Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People. School and Classroom Principles and Methods applies the practical worldview training of Get Wisdom! specifically to the education.

Principles and Methods restores the historic Biblical educational goals of Knowledge, Wisdom, Skill, Character, Faith, and Stewardship of Society.

Principles and Methods applies the Bible’s relational requirements to the educational process. God is One and Three Persons, of perfect individuality in perfect mutual relationship. In turn, God imposes unique individuality in relationship to all things, His infinity expressed in created diversity. This understanding gives tremendous power toward the understanding and mastery of every school and life subject, every human endeavor. It also reveals the way God establishes every human relationship on the ground of love. God’s Principle of Individuality with Union provides the power of mastery over every school and life subject, and insight to handle diversity in the classroom for the benefit of every student.

Utilizing this unique, historic understanding of relationship, Principles and Methods solves the educational problem of variable abilities, so that each student receives precisely the content and practice he needs at every stage of his educational growth, even in a class of diverse abilities and educational experience.

Learn how to design and present lessons from the whole to appropriate parts so that the classroom holds no student back, nor drops any student through the cracks.

Learn how to help able students soar.

Learn how to help disadvantaged students to heal brokenness and victoriously overcome in their education and life, leaving no one behind.

Learn the practical and details wisdom of a Biblical and relationally based education approach crafted over decades.

Get Wisdom! School and Classroom Principles and Methods is filled with practical examples toward building a customized school program to meet any need.

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