Get Wisdom for Today

My own work never took off the way the work of many of our friends did. But I’m still plugging away.

Via Principle Approach and Rushdoony—Providential history and Scripture—we developed a non-institutional, but rather relational approach to education, on the Biblical family model. We never failed to teach anyone a high degree of literacy and math, for example, though not our primary goal, including dyslexics and others damaged by poor educational practices. Able and ready students always soared significantly ahead of their mainstream Christian school peers. We typically accomplished a seventh grade literacy by a 1922 standard by the end of first grade—without duress, but rather joy. This is like the common accomplishments of early Americans and for the same reason.

The most important aspects of the work centered around identifying the goals of mature Christian faith, and then designing method and curriculum toward those goals. The key methodologically has two elements. First: Invest in learning by faith, and God brings the increase. Putting stress on results rather than encouraging effort by faith is a bane of education. The second was teaching always from the basics and wholes, to the next important parts. This allowed a high degree of individualization toward systematic mastery.

In a sense, we dove deeper and super-charged the historic approach on a thoroughly Biblical pattern. I have yet to see a more successful system, so portable and adaptable, for every kind of learner, and every culture, now especially flourishing in Uganda, East Africa.

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