Announcing the Get Wisdom! Education Program in a series of eBooks.

We are at a critical stage in history. The wisdom of centuries of practical Biblical faith—faith that God used to build free just, and prosperous Christian societies—is nearly lost. We see all around us the fruit of Christian decline threatening our very lives. Most institutional Christian education is rooted in Darwinistic behaviorism. We lost our Christian heritage in aggressively pagan and materialistic classrooms over more than a century. We must not become a people without salt and light. And there is an answer…

Beginning with accessible training in everyday, systematic Biblical thinking for every corner of life, Get Wisdom! applies to Christian education restored, corrected, and refined fundamental Biblical faith principles, practices, curriculum and content from the best historic expressions and legacies of Biblical Christian faith.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world… Built on the shoulders of giants, Get Wisdom! applies the non-Darwinian, non-behavioral, historic Biblical view of man and education brought up to date, systematized, crafted, and proved in families and the classroom. Researched, crafted and tested over more than four decades, this work remains the most effective system of education system I know.

Get Wisdom! bridges the proverbial gap between Biblical theory and successful practice, save what faith requires. By faith, we trust God to multiple our educational and investments, and He brings the increase of fruit. Faithfully heeding God’s ways leaves no one behind and holds no one back. Get Wisdom! uses sound Biblical understanding of the Holy Trinity in creation—God’s purpose and His ways for human kind. Then it prepares the young person toward Salvation and Maturity toward his Gospel purpose using Biblical methods.

As simple in its foundation, as the Gospel itself, because rooted in it, the Get Wisdom! Education Program simply applies basic and common evangelical doctrine to the great complexities of life in a systematic and accessible way. Working understanding of a few Biblical principles govern and guide all of life.

Get Wisdom! literally represents the cultural foundation of early America’s Christian heritage of liberty, justice, industry, and generosity. Educational practice emphasizes real faith in practice, character, skills, and wisdom. This work provides the tools for applying Biblical faith to every area of life—taking every thought captive to Christ—and thus hugely leveraging life for the Gospel and Great Commission. Get Wisdom!

Please see our introduction and expanded explanation of the Get Wisdom! Education Program. The Promise—Imagine section suggests with actual examples of what this program has produced in real peoples real lives. See what others have said here, and here.